What Is an Overbite and How Can Braces Help?

Can you only see your child’s top teeth when they smile? Then they probably have an overbite.

Overbites, also known as buckteeth, are pretty common: Nearly 70 percent of the population has some degree of overbite.

While you might think that overbites only affect your appearance, they can additionally affect your speech, oral health, and overall confidence.

Keep reading to find out what is an overbite, the causes of overbites, and the varieties of treatment for overbites available.

What is an Overbite?

An overbite (malocclusion) is when the front top row of teeth sit in front of the bottom row teeth when the mouth is shut. Overbites can range in severity.

What is considered an overbite?

While most people’s front teeth will slightly overlap their bottom row of teeth, it is considered an overbite if the top teeth jut out 3mm or more over the bottom teeth.

If you think your or your child’s teeth are misaligned, it’s best to seek out advice from your local orthodontist.

Causes of Overbites

Overbites have a variety of potential causes. A few common reasons for an overbite include:

Whatever the cause, the most important thing is to seek treatment if your overbite is affecting your physical or mental health.

Overbites Cause Other Issues

The most obvious effect of an overbite is the physical appearance of your teeth. However, even if you are content with your smile, an overbite could be affecting other parts of your health.

An overbite can cause speech impediments and other difficulties. It’s common for those with severe overbites to have a lisp or mispronounce certain sounds, like “t”s and “ch”s.

Overbites additionally can cause breathing issues and damage to the teeth and gums.

How Can Overbite Be Treated?

There are a few treatment options available for overbites. Your orthodontist will be able to talk with you about the best one for your oral health.

How can braces help overbites?

Braces are the most common treatment for an overbite. Now in 2021, there are many types of braces, including traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign.

To treat a severe overbite with braces, many orthodontists utilize elastic bands that connect the top teeth to the bottom teeth and pull the jaw back into the correct position. Some orthodontists may even recommend headgear at night to correct the jaw.

If a severe overbite is not corrected in adolescence, surgery might be needed as an adult.

Starting Treatment for an Overbite

Learning about what is an overbite is the first step to starting treatment. If you think you or your child has an overbite (or any other orthodontic issue), this is your sign to contact your local orthodontist, Dr. Michael Larson at Yuba City Orthodontics.

At your first consultation, Dr. Larson will thoroughly examine your teeth and jaw. Then, he’ll give you an estimate of your treatment plan. If you are ready to start treatment, you’ll be scheduled for your next appointment, where you’ll take x-rays and impressions.

What are you waiting for? Contact Dr. Michael Larson and his team at Yuba City Orthodontics today to start your orthodontist treatment.

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