Why Braces?

Putting them on for the first time can be uncomfortable, at times painful. Wearing them night and day can be downright inconvenient.

They demand serious commitment, from the meticulous daily cleaning they require to the length of time –years mostly– that you absolutely must wear them.

They cost thousands of dollars. And there are times when wearing them, admit it or not, make you self-conscious.

So Why Wear Braces at all?

Because, time and again, history has proven that worthwhile goals are hard-earned, that sacrifices and dedication do pay off, and that all the above-listed inconveniences, well, they, too, shall pass.

Braces For Excellent Oral Health

Braces are the most notable dental tools when it comes to straightening teeth. Properly aligned teeth are so much easier to brush and floss. Teeth that are constantly clean are least likely to develop cavity and plaque which significantly contribute to tooth decay and gum diseases.

Dental braces are also designed to correct mild to severe bite problems. In cases of serious overbites and underbites, teeth often bite into gum tissues causing the gums to recede. Wearing perfectly fitted braces will prevent further deterioration of supporting bone structures and tooth loss.

Wearing braces and practicing responsible oral healthcare can also treat other issues such as rapid and excessive teeth deterioration, chewing difficulties and even speech problems.

Improved Physical Appearance

With dental braces, the need for teeth extraction is often times minimized, if not totally prevented. Initial phases of treatment may also involve up righting and de-rotating teeth, as well as avoiding the use of palatal expanders, devices used to create more space in the mouth to gradually widen the upper jaw.

All of these actually contribute to improving a patient’s facial balance, symmetry and aesthetics. Once teeth become properly aligned dark triangles found in the corners of the mouth are reduced while facial profiles are enhanced.

In the end, patients with straighter teeth and corrected bite problems get to offer fuller, more beautiful smiles. Wider and more natural-looking smiles make the patients appear younger and more vibrant.

Stronger Self Esteem

More than the enhanced physical attractiveness itself, it is important to recognize the emotional and psychological benefits that patients derive from the corrective powers of braces.

People with beautiful smiles feel good about themselves. They feel empowered and secured. They tend to interact more freely with others. They exhibit stronger confidence, greater warmth and more responsiveness towards people and situations.

People with good self-esteem are known to be more creative and productive. They nurture relationships better and are more motivated to take on, and prevail over, personal and professional challenges.


Given the many inconveniences associated with wearing dental braces, there is no doubt that, in the end, it is a worthy and necessary sacrifice.

Because like it or not, wearing braces is the only way to go –at least for now– if we really want those happy, sunny smiles to better light up our lives.