Understanding Orthodontics & Surgery

When new patients come to Yuba City Orthodontics, they may have sought consultation from friends and relatives about orthodontic care.  With the best intentions, friends and family may offer ideas that are not factual.

One such idea is that that oral surgery is a standard part of any orthodontic treatments. Let’s clear up some of the haziness about orthodontics and oral surgeries by answering some of the most common questions about the two subjects.

If you have a question that is not listed below or would like further details, call us at 530-674-5047.

Do most Orthodontic treatments involve surgery?

In most cases, orthodontic treatments are performed without any surgical procedures. However, there are times when oral surgeries are recommended.

In these instances, Dr. Larson provides a thorough explanation why the recommendation is given while showing the patient digital x-rays of their teeth.

It is our aim to help each patient to have a full understanding of the surgery, how it relates to the proposed orthodontic treatment, and how both will be beneficial to the patient’s health.  As a practice, we always avoid surgery when we possible.

When Oral Surgery is Recommended, what is the problem typically?

As stated above, each patient’s oral situation differs. Therefore, the reasons for the proposed surgery are widely varied.  Some of the major reasons for the need of oral surgery include:

  • Impacted teeth
  • Severely unaligned teeth (sometimes a patient has a tooth that would make orthodontic treatment overly complicated, long, and expensive)
  • Jaw corrections

If you are wondering if you will need oral surgery, there is no need to guess.  Schedule an appointment with us and find out.  You may be surprised with what modern orthodontics can accomplish!

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