Summer Foods That Are Braces Friendly

As the seasons change so does your diet.  In fact, as the heat increases so does your appetite for certain foods.  However, when you have braces you have to choose your foods carefully.  Yet, being conscientious about caring for your braces does not mean that you do not have a variety of delicious meals that you can eat.  At Yuba City Orthodontics, we provide patients with highly effective braces but we also give them healthy (and flavorful) meal options.  Here are a few that are useful during the summer.


Just because you have braces doesn’t mean you should skip the most important meal of the day.  If you are thinking that your breakfast has to be bland, think again!  Check out this mouth-watering French toast recipe that will not damage your braces.


Summer activities can drain your energy; especially if you lead an active lifestyle.  However, you’ll likely not want something that will weigh you down.  So why not try these pair of lunch recipes that are easy to fix, healthy and can be packed away if you are on the go.


One meal that many of our braces patients say that they wish to have more variety with is dinner.  How about you?  If you are desiring a more fulfilling dinner that will not have you scheduling a dental cleaning, try this fish taco recipe.


Who doesn’t like dessert?!  If you are in the mood for ice cream, try this homemade recipe that is so easy a child could make it.  Literally…it is that easy.


How often do you crave something in between meals?  Yet, some candies, drinks and other quick snacks can and will make your braces a nightmare to clean.  Here is a smooth summer snack that can satisfy your mid-meal desires without giving you any uneasiness about damaging your teeth.

Eating braces friendly foods is a major aspect of keeping your teeth healthy during the process.  The Yuba City Orthodontics team can help you to identify a variety of foods that are not harmful to your braces.  Periodically we will post various seasonally recipes that are braces friendly. Enjoy your summer!

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