Proper Dental Care for Braces

Braces are a great way to achieve a charming smile that reveals beautiful and straight teeth. However, what’s the point of investing all that time and money on braces if your teeth aren’t getting the care they deserve while you wear them?!

It is important to maintain your teeth with regular oral care during the time you wear braces. This will ensure that when the braces come off, you can enjoy a beautiful smile and great teeth. Proper care includes having cleanings done and brushing correctly with braces on. Yuba City Orthodontics offers comprehensive cleanings that are specially designed for braces.  Our team also alerts you to trouble spots in your home oral cleaning regimen and shares with you the best ways to counteract long-term problems.  Set up an appointment with us today for your cleaning or if you desire braces. (805) 623-7272.

Most of the time both kids and adults overlook oral hygiene care because they are simply not aware of its significance. That is why below, we have discussed the possible consequences of not paying proper attention to your teeth while wearing braces.  The following issues can arise whether you wear braces or not, but the risks increase and intensify in people who wear braces but don’t maintain oral hygiene.

Pre-Gum Disease

Gum disease, called periodontitis, is preceded by gingivitis. This is characterized by minor bleeding and puffy and swollen gums, although there isn’t much pain at this stage. The effect this problem has is to make even more space for plaque to develop around your gums, which further worsens the condition.


If the initial problem of gingivitis is left untreated, it can develop into periodontitis. In this gum disease, inflammation and infection are seen beneath the gum line. Even the tooth structure, the mouth bones, and ligaments are affected by it. The distance between the teeth and gums will further increase, which in turn will allow more plaque build-ups in the resulting pockets. Patients suffering from this disease eventually start seeing a loss of teeth.


Decalcification refers to the formation of lines or white spots on your teeth’s surface. Unfortunately, once they have formed, your teeth will permanently have these spots. This obviously proves the importance of prevention and how properly caring for your oral hygiene can help you avoid such irreversible issues.

Dr. Michael Larson DDS MSD and her team at Yuba City Orthodontics works hard with each of our braces patients to help them care for their teeth throughout the process.

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