Getting Adult Braces

When you think of braces, do you see a mental picture of teenagers or young kids?  Many do.  While it is more prevalent for these age groups, there is no specific age limit for orthodontic braces.  At my practice, Yuba City Orthodontics, our team performs hundreds of adults brace orthodontic procedures every year.  Are you wondering if you could benefit from getting braces in your adulthood?  There is no need to guess.  Give our office a call at 530-674-5047 to get accurate answers to your questions.

Why Adults Get Braces

The adults that we schedule for braces have several reasons why they are opting for the treatment.  Sometimes a general dentist has forwarded them to us.  The most common motives for this are:

  • Excessive teeth wear due to incorrect bite alignment
  • Require movement of teeth to perform a dental procedure
  • Crowding of teeth (which may be difficult to keep clean leading to cavities)

Once we identify exactly why you need braces, we will formulate the options to meet your expectations and goals.  Everyone’s dental “fingerprint” is unique.  Hence, I will create a treatment plan that considers every detail of your situation.

Full Transparency About Adult Braces

One of the reasons that many of our of adult patients that opt for braces recommend us is our commitment to full transparency.  We want you to understand everything about your treatment including all of the options before you.  Instead of only telling you what I recommend, I would like for you to understand the pro and cons of the options as well.  Choosing braces can be a big decision.  Therefore, I want you to be confident that the treatment chosen was in the best interest of your oral health.  Like other dental procedures, there are several myths associated with adult braces.  Click here to see the truth about them.  As always if you have question or concerns, you can contact me at the address and number listed below.

Dr. Michael Larson DDS MSD

1215 Plumas Street, Suite 500
Yuba City, CA 95991

(530) 674-5047

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