Extraction and Orthodontic Treatment

Extracting a tooth or two for an orthodontic treatment is a sensitive subject.  Therefore, it must be understood that removing a healthy tooth is the last thing that any orthodontist would like to do.  When confronted with situations where removing a tooth is under consideration, our staff takes every precaution to make sure if there is an alternative option available.  We pour over case studies, models, images, and digital x-rays to verify if the extraction is truly necessary.  At Yuba City Orthodontics, we have had patients who decided that an extraction was the best option available and they have had wonderful results.  But what are some of the circumstances that require an extraction before orthodontic treatment?  Will such an extraction affect the patient’s look?  You can find the answers to these and other questions patients ask us about extractions before orthodontic treatment below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orthodontic Extractions

Q: Why do I need an extraction before proceeding with my braces?

A: In cases where asymmetries, biting issues, intense crowding, or protrusions exist, extractions are considered as an option.  Sometimes there simply isn’t enough room in your mouth to justify keeping a badly unaligned tooth.  If we recommend an extraction, it is because it will be the most effective solution for your orthodontic treatment.

Q: Will a frontal tooth extraction ruin my smile or overall look?

A: In most cases, such an extraction will improve your smile and overall facial profile.  Dr. Larson has never had a patient who was unsatisfied with their smile and facial profile after an extraction. Because of modern dental technology, dentists can evaluate how your smile and profile will be affected before an extraction.

Q: I heard you should always avoid tooth extractions, is that true?

A: Generally speaking, you should avoid losing teeth if at all possible.  However, going by the rule in all situations could do more harm that be of help.

Do you still have questions or concerns?  Give us call so that we can schedule you for a comprehensive evaluation.  During this exam when can identify your dental circumstances and furnish you with accurate information.

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