Why You Should Consider Braces At The End Of The Year

Many receive gifts at the end of the year.  Yet, there is a gift that you may be able to give yourself.  If you suffer from crooked teeth, getting braces will help you to correct your smile.  Furthermore, the end of the calendar year presents some unique opportunities for those who need braces.  At Yuba City Orthodontics, our team lead by Dr. Larson treats children, teens, and adults with dental braces.  Call us now, if you would like to speak with us about getting braces soon.  (530) 674-5047

Two Reasons Why The End of Year Is Good For Braces

As the year’s end approaches so does your ability to use the remaining part of your flexible spending account (FSA) balance.  Since FSA balances are a ‘use it or lose it’ commodity, we encourage families to make the most of it before December 31.  If you or any in your family need braces, this will be an excellent way to allocate those funds.


Secondly, while open enrollment for health and dental care is available, you can plan what will be required for the next year a bit more accurately.  After you come into our office, you can speak with our financial team who can supply you with the exact costs.

Dental Plans & Orthodontics

Does your dental plan cover orthodontic treatment? Many do not.  Still, there is no need to worry.  Yuba City Orthodontics features highly variable payment plans that are customized to your needs.  For instance, the following options are available:

  • 0% financing via our interest in-house solution
  • Family discounts
  • Payment plans
  • Discounts for upfront payments of dental fees

Do you need help with an FSA or health savings account (HAS)?  Although FSAs/HSAs are more commonplace, they still can be a handful to understand.  Our financial staff is happy to assist you with making a wise decision as to how these could work to your advantage.  Yuba City Orthodontics encourages everyone who needs to have braces to consider them before the year ends!

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